Citizen Boards & Authorities

Board Appointments

The City of Colquitt continually seeks interested candidates to serve on various community boards/authorities that are appointed by the Mayor and Council.   These include- Housing Authority, Downtown Development Authority, Library Board, Historic Preservation Commission, Zoning  Board, Chamber Board, SWGA Regional Commission Board, and Recreation Board. If you have an interest in volunteer service on an appointed board/authority, please send an email with your information and specific interest to Cory Thomas- City Manager at cthomas [at] Information will remain on file and filled as appointments are available. 

Volunteer Firefighter- Colquitt/ Miller Fire/Rescue

The Colquitt/Miller Fire/Rescue Department is seeking highly motivated, extremely dedicated, and selfless individuals who would like to serve their community in the role of Volunteer Firefighter. A volunteer firefighter protects lives and property through activities associated with fire prevention, fire suppression, rescue, emergency medical services, and hazardous materials incident response.  A volunteer participates in the necessary training, preparedness, and maintenance activities necessary to achieve that end. As a benefit of being a Volunteer Firefighter, one may enroll in the Georgia Firefighters Pension Fund. The Georgia Firefighters’ Pension Fund is to provide a supplemental pension benefit to Georgia’s firefighters and their beneficiaries through prudent stewardship of the assets held in trust. For More Information about the Georgia  Firefighter’s Pension Fund- Click Here  If you are interested in joining our team, please contact Chief Craig Tully at (229) 758-1011 or (229) 202-1111 or ctully [at]