Code Enforcement








The Code Enforcement Officer sees a violation or gets a complaint. All complaints are investigated and verified.

The Officer then determines the responsible party/ property owner and works toward obtaining voluntary compliance. 

The Officer will try to give a verbal warning if possible. A written warning will be given to the violator or property owner.

Failure to correct the violation may result in a civil or criminal citation. 

When a citation is issued, violators will be required to appear in Municipal Court. Judge will impose a fine and require compliance immediately.

Abatement or other prosecution may be recommended if the violation is not corrected.

Common Violations 



    Overgrown grass/ Vegetation     Inoperable Vehicles     
    Junk Cars     Outdoor Storage of Objects    
    Operating w/o a Business License     Operating with an Expired Business License     
    Unpermitted Structures      Working w/o a Permit    
    Building Code Violations      Exterior Accumulations of Debris    
    Prohibited Sign      Dogs at Large     



Mission And Goals

To administer and implement equal and effective enforcement of the city’s codes, ordinances, and standards about building, alteration, renovating, and utilizing buildings and structures.

Protect citizens' health, safety, and welfare by mitigating and eliminating unsightly, unhealthy, and dangerous environments as defined by zoning, health, and housing codes.

Our goal is to encourage owners and tenants to eliminate violations voluntarily. That may exist so that Colquitt remains a city where we can live proudly. Code Enforcement Officers collaborate with residents and public service agencies.


Businesses and other city departments to:

  • Facilitate voluntary compliance with City Laws and Codes

  • Empower community self-help Programs.

  • Develop public outreach programs.


How to File 



To make a complaint, call our office @ (229) 758-1006



To file a complaint, visit us at 154 West Street, Colquitt, GA 39837, Monday – Friday, 8 AM – 5 PM.


When making a complaint, please have the exact address where the complaint is located. Complaints can be made anonymously. Please allow 48 hours after a complaint is received.

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Tyrone Burns Police Chief (229) 758-1106