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Residential Service

Residential Service

The City provides each household within our city limits with a 90-gallon garbage container. The container is emptied once a week on a regular schedule. Additional containers are available at an extra cost. 

Please note the following tips:
City residents – On your designated pickup day, pull your container to the curb.

County residents – On your designated pickup day, you will need to roll your container to the curb by 7:00 a.m. After your container has been emptied, you will need to roll the container back to its preferred spot.

All residents - Please make sure that the lid on your container is completely closed. Otherwise, the contents may spill into the street when emptied.

The vehicle we use actually grabs the container to empty its contents; therefore, we can only service City owned containers.

Please make sure that all of your garbage is inside the container. We cannot pick up items beside or on top of the container.

It is the customer’s responsibility to keep their container clean.
Please report any problems, such as broken lids, wheels, and cracked containers to the Solid Waste Division at (229)758-1000

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