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Volunteer Firefighter- Colquitt/ Miller Fire/Rescue

About the Role

The Colquitt/Miller Fire/Rescue Department is seeking highly motivated, extremely dedicated, and selfless individuals who would like to serve their community in the role as a Volunteer Firefighter. A volunteer firefighter protects lives and property through activities associated with fire prevention, fire suppression, rescue, emergency medical services and hazardous materials incident response. A volunteer participates in the necessary training, preparedness, and maintenance activities necessary to achieve that end. As a benefit of being a Volunteer Firefighter, one may enroll into the Georgia Firefighters Pension Fund. The Georgia Firefighters’ Pension Fund is to provide a supplemental pension benefit to Georgia’s firefighters and their beneficiaries through prudent stewardship of the assets held in trust. For More Information about the Georgia Firefighter’s Pension Fund- Click Here If you are interested in joining our team, please contact Chief Craig Tully at (229) 758-1011 or (229) 202-1111 or

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